Reviews for "BOSS"

Honestly nothing really erked me except for the fact that it seems you make all bosses seem like douchebags.

However i'm not putting words into your mouth. I really enjoyed this animation, and would love to see more of your work.

Your description was very inspirational. Good for you! I'd like to see some animation of you overcoming that challenge. This is great stuff. Keep it up!
Do what you love and don't let people who are too willing to bring you down stop you. Thank them for their perspective and prove them wrong.

Your art work was great as well as the animation a little more story though but overall pretty good i hope to see more of your vids in the future

video : 3
audio: Lacking
story: 0

story about a noob who got a job he did not like and then, nothing.

i like the video but more story with it would help