Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

Amazing! Just amazing. The gameplay is just way too much. This is like Max Payne 2D.

I'll give it 9.5/10

I literally cannot stop playing this! This is one of those games I wish was much longer. My favorite feature is slowing down time and doing flips, I feel so badass doing it!!

This totally deserves to be a full game. The action never stops!

HA!!!! first, i dont usually say this but wtf?!? this was a really messed up game but it was awesome! i thought it was all really good. nice use of slow motion, good weapons and difficulty, really nice mechanics, and overall that was a really great time with a puzzling story. i'd be curious to know what was your inspiration for this and the boss. super fun and looks amazing, kudos!

DeadToast responds:

Cheers! :D
Where did the inspiration come from...? Hmmm... Well, I actually started making this game when I was about 17 or 18 and for some reason never got around to finishing it until recently, 8 years later. Back then I was really in to Matrix and Max Payne-type of stuff, and got excited about the idea of making a game using slow motion where the player had more control over their character in a different way of how many games tend to have pre-animated animations.

And the story ('Pedro the banana') came later... I had no idea of how to justify running around killing so many people... I tried to come up with a story for a very long time and couldn't find a good enough reason for the players actions. So I just used whatever idea popped in to my head and decided to make it seem like the main character is kind of mad. Not really sure why the ending turned out the way it did... it just seemed right in a wrong kinda way :)

Really fun gun but I wish it ran a bit faster. The jumps feel laggy and so does my hand. The knife is OP as fuck. The music was really good but got repetitive as shit and I just muted it at many points in the game. I would also like to be able to jump onto the stairs, not have to go to the end of the them then begin climbing. The enemys' player detection system could also be a bit better. Sometimes they know I'm near them even when I'm standing on a roof above them. It's fine if they can hear me through a door.