Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

It felt like 2D Tarantino movie adaptation...
And man, that shotgun!

I like the music, really cool!

This has the most badass fucking bullet-time and free running/stunts I've ever played. It's like the 2D lovechild of Mirrors Edge and Max Payne if both were much, much better.
And it fucking flows well. Never played a better 2D shooter, or a game with better bullet-time for that matter. This is fucking awesome, period. If I haven't sold this enough already I've played through it 7 times and I'm still having fun.
Fucking good job DeadToast, a second would be much appreciated! :D

That was pretty cool, loved the slow down idea. :)

Medals didn't unlock for me :c but I love this game! The stunts feel so badass and it has fun weapons. Final boss was... well see for yourself