Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

good kick-ass game

Love the game so random when the guy is on drugs. . . thats what i think and a random banana just tells you things and u can slow time to look so bad ass which is my fav part just taking other people to make it look like a movie scene from matrix or something then you turn to a fairy . . .so random . . .thats why its amazing

Not bad of a game. Only thing that gets under my skin, is that its hard to unlock "Death from Above", "Not A Scratch" and "Wall Jumping Hot Shot". I really could have sworn i at least got "Death from Above" in a couple other levels -_-.

The game is really interesting with lots of action, but medals 'Death From Above' and 'Wall Jump Hot Shot' are not working, and medal 'Not a Scratch' is really hard to get, unless you have a trick or two up your sleeve, cause right now I don't have any.

DeadToast responds:

Without spoiling anything, a few people have managed to unlock them, so it's possible ;)
... Just perhaps a little bit way to frickin hard... Sorry about that :)

This game is kick-ass.

The music is kick-ass, the gameplay is kick-ass, the slow-mo stunt effects are kick-fuckin'-ass, the ending is hilariously random and awesome.

The only thing I would recommend is a harder difficulty mode with reduced health, and a god difficulty mode where you have the same amount of health as the bad guys.