Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

React this comment if u played this good shit before the game on steam!! (this is better anyways)

Deadtoast for someone who by many of ur friends or computer buddies, claim i am very insignificant but 4 years they still like to gossip about me. To a normal person it makes no sense. But i think i know u all very press to get my attention. Even though i can careless what people I dont know think of me. At the end of the day ill still watch my movies and do my thing regardless wut anyone thinks. But i do wonder if most of u work got family to support. Yet u always find time. Me i dont gossip and i mind my own biz. But with all time u guys have when do u work? Or do any of the other jobs. But anywho do u.

Best ending I have ever seen in flash games

Now this is an example of a great game.

I never heard a thing about this game before, but after playing it, I can perfectly see why it deserved everything it's getting now, the controls are comfy, the gameplay looks awesome even when you mess up, this game was just a gem, I'm actually pretty sad I never heard about it until know.