Reviews for "Sock'em Boppers"

very good

Sounds like my childhood.

Great movie, very funny. I think it would be hilarious if you made it to the fifth stage of a Sock 'em Boppers fight. Normally, I would like to see more detail in the animation, but this time the lower animation quality actually adds to the humor of it all. Great movie, keep up the good work, brewstew.

The good old 90's toys. I don't know how old this one is, but I recently got my hands on a wiffle ball/bat set at CVS. Just out there in the open. Just there. It was just.... there. I'm seriously unable to express how stupid I felt about not knowing where to get my hands on one of them. Seriously, I felt the dark, ominous cloud of regret over my past life up to that very second grow even darker when it hit me that I could have had one this entire time. I could just whack the shit out of that ball and never get in trouble because it isn't capable of breaking windows. My life was made complete by it. But, I never had sock'em boppers because back when I did have a wiffle bat I'd hit other kids with it. Even though it's thin, dinky and plastic, it's hard, and it stings a lot more to a child. So the adults took it away. Now I'm like, "Fuck you, dad! I have my own now for my roommate to be terrified of whenever I say something like, "I can play with this in the house and I'll never break anything!" Maybe I need to stop doing that.... and I probably shouldn't ever try sock'em boppers.... and I've written more than anybody wants to read. I'm done. I hope people rate this as unhelpful, because I sure didn't contribute shit.

ok now I want one of those ( sock em boopers punch your dad in the belly while he's getting a beer)