Reviews for "Sock'em Boppers"

Sock'em Boppers!...I had some, played with them once and tossed them in the closet. Funny!

They still sell them, not the Socker boppers. But the actual Sock'em Boppers. I'm surprised you didn't know this working in Toys R us. There in aisle 12B in between the returns and bathrooms, right across the parking lot. In aisle 12B with footballs.

brewstew responds:

lolz of course they were.

sock'em bopperssock'em boppers more fun than avpillow fight i only had one set son me and by brother just each had 1

Never got to experience the sweetness that was Sock 'em Boppers...probably because I had real toys, as you mentioned. Lol My NES, SNES and N64 were some of my favorites growing up, but I wouldn't have had a problem beating my friend's asses with my fists clenched in inflatable balloons rather clenched around a game controller.

Oh my god yes!! I was doing the same thing that Christmas you were doing man! Only it wasn't that fun when my young cousin, only about 6 years old wandered over while me and my brother Jason were having at it and we accidentally punched him in side of the head and started crying, and then our aunt came in and wooped our asses with a wooden spoon. Best/worst Christmas ever!