Reviews for "Sock'em Boppers"

Your narration is great, and you get an extra 1/2 star for your excellent chart of how serious a fight is.

As someone that remembers these things VERY well, I can verify this is 100% accurate. Especially the part about things escelading quickly. I almost died when you made the wrestling reffernce.

Nice perspective from the past! The seams on those things would cut, but damn you could land some good blows, without working too many baby teeth loose... maybe that's why parents buy them! Not really blunt force, but concussive blows, spinal disc problems as well.

It was really fun to blow up a slightly split one (mostly patched), then pop it against someones head. As the split widened, the game got dicier. Anyway, nice piece man!

Yay! Another Brewstew!

i am now convinced that no matter what little animation is in this, it will get praised.