Reviews for "Sock'em Boppers"

I am sad to say that I never got into the Sock'em Boppers game. I do remember the commercials quite well. I recall the "more fun than a pillow fight" part. It was just fun to learn about how it affected you. I don't want to just talk about toys like that. While the animation isn't too good, it doesn't matter because it's such a fun cartoon.

I'd like you to tackle on as many subjects as you can. I loved how you mentioned how it turned out in real life. Most people know what that's like. While not one of your best, still very good. I like the bad voices.

like always this is awesome and your voice nails it every time.

Holy Shit, I honestly couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes. This was great!


Had a good laugh! Great job guys! And congrats on daily first!