Reviews for "Sock'em Boppers"

I was born in 1997

They actually still make ads about these things

Nice one, I love your short movies.

lol, I remember these. Just a few years ago, my best friend was like "Dude, i got sock'em boppers" and I sped on over. We just beat each other to death with them until they bust. Good times. Was surprised my friend was able to find any. XD

I never played with these myself as a kid, because my parents loved me, but I can still remember the commercial tune clear as a bell in my head. That and the Crossfire commercial tune. Jesus Christ, I've been wandering around my house for days just humming it to myself like some kind of bizarre nostalgic television jukebox. You get 5 stars, but I'm not happy that I'm exchanging a high vote for what I can assume will be weeks of this humming.