Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

Free-feet wine? Hahahaha XD

All of your games are awesome cant wait for part 5 i played all of them !

this game is awesome!!! :D I love investigating games and the song at the start was very nice!

This is indeed an improvement of past games. I was revealed that I wasn't sent on my own this time as the other characters were actually helpful. Well, at least the first half of the game. Then it went back to the typical crazy solutions from past games. Luckily, some common sense is used here and I wasn't stuck so badly. Then again, that's how my play through went. I can't speak for the others. I'm giving the game this rating because it's a good and entertaining time killer. I enjoyed it.

09:02 I played the game for my god that was so fucking hard I meen the puzzles