Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

hey I am a fan of all the vortex point games and I really want to see the next one...but can you add a "skip puzzle" button in the next games? I don't want to solve a puzzle just to get one item...the game is already hard enough to beat

Cannot wait for the next one to release around Halloween!

Love your games

I love all DeathTiger0 games! You rock!! Keep up the good work! I can't stop playing ever since... I play you

I didn't particularly care for the new office or the newer dialogue boxes. The puzzle of rearranging the UFOs was way too difficult, especially with that 2 minute time limit. Thankfully, the story was good, and the rest of the puzzles were not too bad; at least there was an actual "paranormal" element to this game, as opposed to the previous one.