Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

Your point-and-click games are getting better... I daresay I got through this one without even screaming at the bat-shit insane puzzle logic; it was actually intuitive this time, I think. I didn't consult the walkthrough once, which is more than I can say for past games.


- What was the point of the pizza slice? I don't believe I used that. Ever. I got into the building just by going along with what Reuben's neighbour said. "Yeah sure, I'm the pizza boy..."

- Why does the character stop at the top of the stairs, in front of his office door and tap his foot impatiently instead of going right in? Just so you can click on a couple of things that don't matter anyway? Seems like an unnecessary step, to me... Ditto for when you go into the Rabbi's apartment after you have found everything in the hall. It would make more sense for him to go right in there as well, instead of just standing there tapping his foot and shifting his eyes like he has ADHD or something.

Not happy with the rules of the clock minigame, or the picture puzzle (you should at least show if the end pieces are correct, when placed).

I am sad to say I could not get into this more. It's probably just biasedness because I don't like these kinds of games. I have at least played games that were better than this. This one just doesn't look well made. It would have worked better with more graphics. I guess you were trying to be realistic with it.

Then again, I haven't gotten into any parts that may have ghosts. I appreciate you making something that won an award. There isn't anything too creative in this. While not awful, there's really nothing of note. I guess it's okay for me.

FKIN LUV IT!!!!! And great new opening!

amazing again