Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

Did the puzzle in 1 try. Hell yeah :D

haha, there is a girl named "Anna Conda"

mah anaconda dont hahah lol

Puzzle to solve to win the camera is not difficult, but bit annoying, but I've done it :) FINALLY. My clock stop at 34 min :] To beat it I approches 5-7 times, but I did it :) AND I'M HAPPY AS A CHILD :) :) :)
And to have a pece of pizza, you must stole from the Mices home a cheese :) Btw, puzzle with clock is simple ;)

Nice but hard core just give a litle clue to starter check the tooth in down of teeh good luck

Did the population from the previous episode intro to this one just drop by almost 17,000 people? Love these games though.