Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

I love the Vortex Point games! I always sing along to the Intro! And that Rock Version at the end was a nice surprise!

you'll hear from my lawwwyyyerrr!! LOL

Vortex point is getting better with every release! Now there are medals, those references and messages within the background (like a Thoreau's quote), Scully the skull, Danabelle... And Caroline's voice now is awesome! I'm gonna play VP5 now. Keep it up!

Awesome game! I had a bit of trouble finding the cheese, but I didn't have any other trouble completing this game. Excellent job!

Already annoyed of the first puzzle and the guy saying "I better not touch that" I never heard a person saying "I better not touch that" out loud 4 stars at least I'm nice giving 4 instead of 3 right? Well,its the truth its just so repetitive!!!! I'm just saying no one has to agree with me but if its going to be repetitive the whole game then I'm done I gave some of their other games a shot but instead it shot me it was just..... like are you kidding me well I guess the stories of their games are all ways interesting but not the dialog does anyone knows that the dialog in this game is messed up at least for me when they talk anyone else?