Reviews for "Besterest Game Ever Made"

loved the 3th part of the trilogy.... 5/5 insta fav
i just went through all the reviews, hahahahha
some people really think graphics are everything now-a-day, huh??
this youth is a very spoiled one
anyone, i loved the respond you give to the kind about the game released at april 1st, good one
i'll wait another zillion years to play the "besterester game ever"

Nice try at some retro stuff, fine art but you can do better than that. Yeah zip disk, the good ol days before this friend... I wish I could go back to that time. This game is nice and I like it.

Keep reaching for the stars Mr. Dino.
The odd reaction to clicking stuff that you know won't do anything was my favorite part.
The Zip Drive threw me for a while. I probably spent five minutes clicking every spot on the screen trying to get the zip disk to open the door, but I figured it out.
Outstandingly funny game.
Music would have been a nice touch, but it was still plenty fun without it.
To all you haters out there, just click around for a little while. You shouldn't condemn a game just because it's too complicated for you.

This is goddamn great.
Why are people downrating this? How stupid can they be?

Especially exgvg, who I accidentally did not flag for being absolutely useless.

Oh, well it's full of humour but without music I got bored very soon. Anyway, for those who likes quests- the game is nice