Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

pretty good game

This adds nothing new to the "take control of enemies" gimmicky platformers. Alongside the generic faux-retro graphics, bland music, and bits of story fed to you as you go, this is a game that has a difficulty far too high for me to care after a couple levels. Painfully mediocre.

Awesome game! Increases in difficulty all the way through in the right way. Decent storyline for a flash game. The Spirit World levels are the most aesthetically pleasing thing I've witnessed in a video game in a long long time. I'm grateful for having played this game.

Great game, but the "set them free" medal doesn't work... I got the last soul on level 28, Nothing popped. :(

The ending was also really short and didn't feel like any sort of "reward"... It would have been acceptable if the ghost were experiencing flashbacks or something along his journey, but as it stands, there is no real plot to speak of in a type of game that really should have a plot...

Awesome game, I've just been playing it for a couple hours straight trying to get all the medals. I already finished it, but I am now trying to get the lost souls. I need 2 more, and I already found one I still need to get, but it's impossible to get it, omg. it's in level 15, the other one i don't know, I'm going to continue playing until im done! You got me really hooked, hahaa I really love this game! Well done :D