Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

It's fantastic this game. Much ardous but nice.
Congratulation to Creator.

It's okay but it gets boring after the first 3 levels

All right, after finally completing this game, here are my thoughts (long review incoming):


-The graphics are excellent.

-The gameplay is butter smooth - no lag, responsive controls, etc. I noticed a few times I felt like the ghost didn't jump when I pressed the up key, but that may have been a failure to press the key completely enough on my part.

-The level design is excellent - it's a very challenging game, yet (except for a few levels) doesn't feel repetitive or too hard for the sake of it.

-The core mechanic is pretty great - I've played other "possess your enemies" platformers before, but this one still stood out on its own.

-The music is good, but there's a clearly accessible mute button for when you want to turn it off.

-I was a little iffy on the ending at first, but after letting it set I really like it. We don't need to know the full backstory - someone who was important to our little ghost friend has just died and joined him.

-Just generally really satisfying, with a lot of gameplay to work through - I've been chewing on this one on and off for several days now, and just keep coming back to it.


-No way whatsoever to tell what levels you have and haven't already collected a soul from, even using the little soul map that was provided to you. I finally gave up, printscreened the map, and painstakingly went through every single marked off level until I finally managed to find the handful of souls I was missing. This is a really, really frustrating design, and I have no idea what could have possibly possessed you (no pun intended) not to include a "hey, you've got this soul" feature.

-Something has gone haywire with some medals - I have gotten the Codebreaker, Set Them Free and Credits medals, yet they are not showing for me. Quite a while after getting Codebreaker and the medal is definitely not showing on my profile, and Set Them Free and Credits, which I just got, are not showing up either.

-Seriously, I cannot begin to emphasize how badly this game needs a "levels whose souls you have already gotten" feature.

-Probably a little too pixel-perfect precise in some situations. I love the challenge of this game, but it was really frustrating when possessing a body to have to completely restart a massive section because I got clipped by one bullet and they got stunned.

-What, exactly, is the deal with the upper right corner of the soul map? It almost seems like it's implying four souls in one level (specifically level 04), but I have definitely not corroborated that, and I have all 35 souls. I must have scrounged that level a dozen times looking for my missing souls before I finally checked the other levels and realized that my remaining two were hiding there.

-Slight clipping issue - I notice that when jumping and depossessing someone while next to a wall, sometimes I get stuck in it. It's a very minor issue, but I figured I'd mention it.
-I know this is a tough game, but that last level really needs to dial it back a bit. Every single stage took me a zillion deaths, and the first was especially painful because it set me all the way back to the beginning if I died or had to restart because the ghost hunter I was possessing got stunned (which happened a lot).

TL;DR, a very solid, well designed game with a lot of gameplay and a few potential user interface improvements and some broken medals. A definite 4/5 at the moment, but it'd be worth a 4.5 if you fixed the medals.

Fun! 4.5 cuz it is very hard

this game was not the best but still good the only reason its not 4.5 or 4 stars is the light slows you down when hit by it so 3 stars!