Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

i cant see too much of the game sreen


I keep coming back to this game. I keep thinking "this time! this time ill get past that level!"
good job. its a game with good controls, cute story line and it's difficult gradient is slight enough to allow actual progress.

As a puzzle platformer, this game at least does good from others. Reminds me of another game similar to this, the flash game Infestor. Anyway, the graphics and music are excellent I like it, but the gameplay, that feeling starts to dwindle a little after playing it. Overall, a nice game you got here.

Clearly didn't test the arrow keys. You cannot 'possess jump' left with the arrow keys as the game will ignore your space bar. Works fine if you use AWSD but for most platformers, arrow keys are your typical go to setup (unless the mouse is involved).

Overall very good, but the fact I have to break the flow of things just to deal with the bug? Annoying.

Great graphics and a nice story line. It does get progressively harder which I do enjoy. Great job.