Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"


A good game, simple plot and effective atmosphere, but one major niggle losing a 'host' from a very so slight clip of a shot, forcing a redo of sometimes quite large parts of a stage. Is the shots could 'damage' the sprit meter/hp bar instead of stunning instantly to give a bit of a safety net it would help, as it stands I can't finish the game due to level 28 and the jumping area under the dual guns, to often get just slightly snagged on jump and have to redo from the start.. just.. too soul destroying [ah-ha ha] to go on after so many redos..

What can i Say About dis? Oh Yeah! Awesumm Puzzle Game! Everbody it's an Awesumm Game! No Glitches & Smooth Controls but i Think the Light is a Little bit too OP. 1 & a Half Second & Poof, ur Gone. Awesumm Game with a Little bit Creepy Atmosphere.

Nicely Done! Try to make Gold Sleeves next Time Okay? ;3

The Good.
Level design+
Cute ghost and story+
replayable levels+
The Bad.
Some handling issues(Jumping)-
Annoying NPC's-
Confusing restart points-
The ugly
When a NPC is hit by a stray bullet they are K.O.ed-+
The lost souls are hard to find if you miss one (L7 map doesn't work properly)-+
Over all really enjoyable experience. Kudos!

Awesome game, except for the difficulty curve...or should I say difficulty spike. Level 17 just explodes with a new level of difficulty to the point that it wasn't fun to try and finish it. Personally, I just hate levels that rely on 100% perfection. And by that I mean, platforms that if you are even a hair to the left you hit a lamp and a hair to the right you fall off and basically need to start over again. There is no room for even the slightest error, which makes things extra annoying because I found that it was a fun game otherwise. Keep up the good work, just try and remember that perfection is unattainable, so don't expect it from your players.