Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

lame but kinda cool its lame cause of that when i turn into ahumanthe light still hurts me

the game is sooooo goooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant game, I quite enjoyed it. A few small issues, though, which although I didn't like them, they didn't detract from the game experience at all.

I did like the world map, and the inclusion of level L7, but a way to see which levels no longer had souls would have been nice also. I didn't exactly want to slog through a difficult level just to see if I had already gotten a soul there.
The other thing was the level 25 puzzle. It was perfect, although in addition to the hint on level 25, having the main character mention something like "That symbol looks important" would have been helpful also.

Both these issues are merely because I don't care for large amounts of re-treading and/or backtracking.

Now, onto the things I liked!

I really enjoyed the whole thing. The visual style never really clashed, although seeing some of the human characters in the church or castle environments did cause me to wonder why or how they'd be in there.

The controls were tight, and although the ghost occasionally felt floaty, I took that as intentional and a great opportunity for a reviewer to make a pun.

The sounds were great, and although the main theme got on my nerves after a bit, it didn't overstay it's welcome thanks to the soundtracks for the otherworld levels.

Overall, fix the re-treading/backtracking thing (this was overall, I didn't mind backtracking for secrets inside the levels themselves) and I would play the hell out of this all the time.

This is great! I can't find any glaring issues with this game. The concept is cool and well executed and the gameplay is nice and smooth. The atmosphere and music are very nice, too.

Wonderful game, to me