Reviews for "Pillow City"

Woooow. Zombies on the road. Why does it ask me if I want to fight if that's the only option? Why not drive thru them?. Died cause my bat or w/e had low fatigue... This guy gets tired after hitting 20 zombies? Didn't save even though I completed that mission... can't use inventory or set talents while in a dangerous zone?
Probably more stupid stuff... not gonna play this any further.
Good game... don't know why you had to go and ruin it.

How come no one attacks Bob? Is he invisible?

I like this game but need more thing to improve.

Craft receive player must carry those stupid blue print all time can't let NPC craft learn them such a useless NPC.

CraftNPC and SellingMAT NPC is friend but both of them to far each other.
Are you friend realy?(to much waste&hurt player to much when you need A or B walk left to right and again and again...)

No Storage box player must carry EVERYTHING you have home/camp you have van but you no have a box to keep your item safety?When you need something to craft but item just sold about 5min ago or you have anything but no BP...well...

Hit box when you hit something and run alway from them far enough not get hit but if those zomgie already attack(but frame rate not finish)whatever you run at end of world you ALWAY get hit.

Potion what is point you can drink potion when you at camp can't drink on mission,Are you kidding me?

Dr.cow healing cost he cost player money more and more and more but he not healing100% player need to put bullet in his skull first your cheater bastard!

Your van/bus = your life.
You have leg but you can't run for yourlife?
Or have another change for fight back to your camp?
"Oh my car dead I think time to bye bye world eat me zomgie!! :D"

Drop rate I don't know how it work but almost of time they drop everything I no use for craft they drop everything can craft but no any blue print dam...make sure you must carry those untill the end of yourlife?

No perk for fast loot/search type.

Camp is not small but no have any good item for sell or useful?

Mission alway "YES" hey I need to say no sometime I can't leave this place,huh?

No scout aera we don't know what happen inside or have something useful for player,just get in and see what wonder waiting us and kill'em'all'yay!!

This city is very high-tech develop all building ALWAY tall even mini-mark they have 5th floor!! not end of this Garage/Small house/Tent/park/apartment have tall and high!! OMG!!

It's a nice game. But it's not very balance at all and the game play is very slow. Have you try playing this game yourself and try finish it? One thing I find in RPG games is that if you can't finish it, don't make it. If you haven't play it to test it, don't upload it. I can see there are lots of effort put into it, but you need to test it.

-you have a truck but you cant just save the crating parts inside?

-when you find an item but you cant carry it and it just simple vanish.

-you can only get money from selling items but you need them to craft weapons and helmets so you sell all the scrap but you cant carry all that scrap because of the items you need for craft...... ._. i don't know.

-zombie dogs run faster than you it make sense but they only have to hit you 2 times to kill you? wtf.

-you cant drink health potions when your out of the camp are you kidding me?

-when you find an item you cant know if it useful to craft something so you end up leaving it

*sigh* btw i like the art and if you cant understand what im writing its because im still practicing english