Reviews for "Pillow City"

After playing i must admit i like the art style and the simple controls, as well as the characters you rescue and their dialogue. Despite that, I must agree with other players that an entire horde coming towards your van is hard to stop and I noticed a problem with how weight is calculated for your character as my weight is 174 out of 250 yet i actually calculated the weight of my inventory and found it to have a weight of only 85.1. I gained 88.9 weight from nothing that i can see. I could be wrong. But overall a great flash game, especially due to autosave feature.

This game Is so awesome! even though it has some errors, It's still enough to say that it's addicting! :D

after playing, i noticed a minimalist art style, almost anime lik. i love the control (screw you haters) and the gameplay isn't bad.

Decent game marred by slowdown and control issues.

What is this 1992. Why are we forced to use an oudated key format when a mouse would have been so much better. Also it's nearly impossible to find crafting items for your guns as they are so rare. NPCs enhance the game but the npcs are cowards running away at the first boomer like creature. Yea this game ripped off left 4 dead as well.

No stars for abysmal hit rate, making it nigh impossible to defeat a horde of enemies coming to your goddamned cars