Reviews for "Pillow City"

Very much enjoy this game have been playing it for a while now trying to beat what i assume is the final boss and getting the trophys. Now with that said time for the constructive criticism part. The balancing from chapter 1 to Chapter 2 was way off it was like going from easy mode to legend mode. I know an update came out recentlly not sure if that issue was adressed since im past that point when it came out. Second the random drops are way to random iv acctually played through the entire game and still havent been able to make certain wpn do to not gettting the needed drop. My last problem was the AI on the team mate CPU's its a little rough and needs some fine tuning. simply touching any key will make the turn backwards but to turn them to the front again u need to walk 10 feet in front of them and they need a little self awareness "if im getting bitten on the back of the neck i should turn around" kinda thing. Over all like i said the game is good u got me hooked and i WILL beat that boss guy......eventually

There should had been more options!

The controls are all over the place. Gameplay is a little slow... could be a really good game but it needs a lot of work and balancing.

-I didn't really have a problem with the English. It is pretty mangled but certainly a native English speaker should have no problem getting the gist of what you're trying to say.
-The carry limit I also don't have a problem with. I never had a problem with it after getting the school bus. The carry limit perk though is totally useless. It should give a much bigger bonus or be removed.
-The slowdown seems to have gotten better, but it is still present, especially in the later chapters. In fact, frequent trips back to town seem to make it worse more quickly. Closing the browser and reloading the game fixes it, so I'm guessing the game is forgetting to free up some of the memory it uses to load sprites and stuff.
-I think some of the crafting items should be made more common. As it is, I have never encountered a 'trunk' to make the 'Apple on the Head' or an 'animal skull' to make a 'City Hunter Helmet'. I have found one 'stock' ever, so I still have not made a carbine despite reaching the end of the game.
-The trophy requirements are a little pointless. As I said, I've reached the end of the game and am nowhere near getting the trophies for the miner, vomiter, licker, screamer, iluheads, bubbleheads and fishermen. I'm sure the rewards would make playing the game easier, but the grinding needed to get to that point would make the player and the NPCs so high-leveled that I doubt anything would present a challenge anyway.
-The range limit on the pistol is good. If it wasn't there, the Teaser would be the best weapon in the game hands down. I think some of the big guns could use some balancing. I kept using the M41 because even the "ultimate gun" had such a brutal speed penalty that it was suicide to use it.
-There is a minor bug with the trophy reward for the K9s. Once you collect it, everyone is supposed to get +10 speed. Hiro's stats don't reflect this on the menu screen until you leave camp and come back. However, every time you click on the Status tab all of the party members (but not Hiro) will show an extra +10 to speed. I got Bob to show a speed of 250 before I stopped. This is ONLY on the status screen; in combat, the NPCs and Hiro seem to have the right speed bonus.
-I'm not sure if NPCs are supposed to have all stat-boosting trophy rewards applied to them. I think they should, since the NPCs' kills do count toward the trophies. So far the K9 trophy is the only one that seems to affect the rest of the party.
-The NPCs behave oddly in missions when you are moving to the left. Moving directly up or down causes them to face to the right and you have to move left again to get them to face the correct way. It's pretty annoying but it can be worked around. I agree with people who said they should be able to turn around and defend themselves when attacked from above or behind.

None of these things make the game unplayable and it's clear that some effort went into it. I think it's better than most submissions.

ugh, controls are all egged up, I wish you could use the mouse for most of the inventory stuff