Reviews for "Pillow City"

kinda laggy but it is a good game

Solid four stars. You need to have someone who speaks English fluently edit for you, the commands are a little buggy at times, directions are a little sloppy, but still an awesome game. Well done. I hope to see a sequel!

No stars for having nothing to do with pillows.

A zombie game where you attack with pillows would have been the best fucking thing in the world

This game would easily be 4-5 stars, However It's difficult to get anywhere when there are tons of zombie attacks when it's near impossible to defeat them all and defend the truck.

So, I've played through twice. The first time I couldn't get past the last boss. After experimenting with a couple of short-lived saved games, I had a concept of what it would require to beat him/her/it, went for it, and managed it easily. This review is based on three or so nights of playing =P

First and foremost, there is one thing that could be looked at, and that is the English. It's not horrendous, and it's certainly intelligible. I just wish you had taken the time to get a fluent English-speaker to edit it for you. It doesn't detract from the gameplay really; in fact, it didn't bother me at all. It's just sort of a courtesy to the players to pay attention to such things.

I've seen a lot of complaints in the posts. About how you can't use potions while on a mission, about micro-managing your inventory, I donno, about why you can't friggin' store nuclear missiles in your tank in case things go bad. Now, I won't claim the game is perfect, but a lot of what I'm hearing just isn't what the game is about, now how it was created.

A big one seems to be inventory issues, and I agree to an extent. It's probably the hardest part of the game actually, knowing what to save out of everything you gather, and what to sell to make room for more and buy necessities. The primary issue, in my opinion, is that you won't know what is needed to make what until you get a blueprint. Until then, a lot of crafting materials won't have any other purpose except to take up room. Heck, I still have some crafting materials that I've never seen a blueprint with which to utilize them. Really, what is required of a player then is to: A. either play through a couple of times like myself and have an idea of what's what, or to B. make some intelligent guesses. Intelligent guesses though, can ruin a players experience; he or she may sell a seemingly useless crafting item only to find the blueprint in the next mission and then go on to *facedesk*. A simple solution to this problem would be to make it so that crafting materials can be recognized without a blueprint. It doesn't make such sense logically of course, but if you were to find an enhanced battery and be able to scroll down and see: "enhanced battery can be used in creating the lightsaber and minigun.", well... life would be easier for the player that way.

As for potions not being able to be used in missions and not being able to gun down walkers with your tank: those just don't make sense to me. Being able to use potions in a mission would make missions incredibly easy. A hard game, for me anyway, is a good game. Provided it's also a good game... but you get it. If you could gun them down in your tank, there would be no point in having the encounters. They are there so that a player can get some more exp as he moves along, plus it adds a certain sense of realism. And I know, where is the realism if you can't use the gun on the tank, right? You got me there. What I can say though is this: the random encounters were occasionally annoying, but not so terrible that it would warrant much change.

One big thing that did kinda get me: when you move on to an area, there is little going back; none actually. If you get to the end of Episode 2 and can't beat that section and have saved, tough luck, try again. I don't quite know how fix this one except to recommend to the player that he/she plays cautiously. This game, what with micro-managing inventory and needing to be prepared by a certain point, isn't forgiving with innocent mistakes. Save the game yourself folks, don't use auto-save.

There's one final thing: I don't know how many ways there are to finish the game. What I went with worked, but I can't think of too many other methods. That is an issue, and a big one at that. The game needs to be rebalanced perhaps in terms of the damage and skills for melee, guns, and big guns. Big guns is what I went with; melee is practically useless considering the damage your character cannot sustain, and guns are, as I see them, just plain inferior. I may be very wrong here, but I just couldn't see the applications. Maybe they are solely backup, maybe that's what you intended. But for the players out there who want to samurai, it doesn't allow for much variation, at least if you want to beat the game.

There is a lot of good to be said for this game. It can be extremely addicting. Owning a bunch of zombies as they spawn, needing to go all out on a group of the tougher ones, making weapons to get stronger, creating a build through the perk system, reaching a point where you are the ultimate zombie-slayer. All good things, and I haven't even worked on the trophies; who knows how badass the buster sword could be.

All gripes aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and I suggest readers to play it. It may not be your style, I donno. But don't let the many comments complaining about the games' imperfections persuade you to not give it a try. If a game allows you a few hours of fun, it's a success, and that's what this game offers.