Reviews for "Pillow City"

How do I heal when in adventure mode in when looting?

This game can go fuck itself

There are a few things in the game that are a little frustrating, but aside from those, it's still a fun game to play. Definitely a great game.

Finally beat the flipping game. I agree with fuckoofasshole that the trophies should be easier to obtain but overall a great game with room for improvement. *SPOILER ALERT* hopefully we will see this improved and continued in Pillow City: Revelations...if it ever gets made.

Well, the trophies should be quicker
Having to kill 300 everything is dumb.
The harder the enemy is the less should be required

However, I noticed that there is a way to summon the desirable monsters.
To summon lickers / shitters / vomiters, just stay where you are, and they should appear
If you want Iluheads, you have to move a little beyond your car visibility, etc.
I'm speaking about "defend the car" route, which is the most frequent shit to happen
during gameplay. Experiment on your own, for the results you need, but the only problem are the last 6 / 8 types of villains to complete. It's weird that so far only one person had balls to grind it.

The game is good, but I do want to punch your guts for such requirements.