Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"


This was a pretty big improvement over your last few flashes, I really liked it. The animation was amazingly done, it's clear you put a lot of time and effort into animating this, and it definitely paid off. All of the frame-by-frame animation was pleasing to look at and great.

The writing aspect of it was particularly funny. Great job on this. Keep up the good work!

sweetcommando responds:

thanks dude. really appreciate your review :)

its time for some Bubblecum fanfic

sweetcommando responds:

you're saying that like it hasn't already been made

If the lipsync was better and gunter dind die sad and that sad ending this would be a huge hit on youtube whit like 3 mil viewers. so i say. its pretty freaking good minus the death

Not the best adventure time parody, but close. And so far away from the worst, lol! This is pretty good! Ilike the animation, the different styles, and while some of the humor was quite morbid, it was still surprisingly funny.

sweetcommando responds:

lol i dont know any other adventure time parodies

it's "RacmusDK" not RAK :P .... Could you link to my channel in the description so people have a chance of finding my music ? - thanks for using it by the way!! :)

- btw! Great animation ! you're going somewhere :D