Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

Theres was one moment in it I liked, (which I can't even remember what it was now) but other than that this nonsensical bastardization of adventuretime was pretty awful. It's like you took adventuretime and just made it way less funny.

All i saw was death. I feel sorry for the penguin.

This deserved front page.
Not like mine did... Gg bro, I loved it!

That was... that was random... so in the end the princess subconcsiouly esacts her revenge on the poor penguin in the form of bubblegum, and then it all just... goes out of control! O_o Entertaining, disturbing, violent, fun, it's got it all. Nice work!


I always knew PB was evil, you all saw her kill Gunter right? right?

Funny animation, good work.

sweetcommando responds:

she did kill gunter but not in the way you put it lol