Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

The ending is a WTF

the music used is from incompetech, correct? because their music is royalty free as long as you give credit so if i were u i would put a link in the info

sweetcommando responds:

its says it in the credits at the end of the vid. also i linked all the audio used from newgrounds so i dont think there is a problem

oh my glob, that was disturbing. but i liked the picture of sexy bubble gum

That was really good.
Poor Gunther though. :'(

Of all the things I could say, I think "trying too hard" is the most fitting and best delivers the message. This sort of, eh, "random" disjointed style of writing has been getting more popular for a number of years now (maybe because it requires low effort? Idk) and frankly I think it should have run it's course and died a while ago.
The animation (some of it at least) was pretty decent. I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential, I mean you can clearly animate, my question is why didn't you use your apparent skills to make something coherent?
Idunno, maybe I'm being too harsh, some of it was decent I guess. I'm guessing this accounts for a lot of practice, as the song says, everybody's got to learn.

sweetcommando responds:

Yea. I know what you're talking about. Writing is as pain and animating is a pain but I can get through one of those things without worrying too much. eh