Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

I just have one question:

Is Princess Bubblegum wearing underwear or short shorts in that photo?

sweetcommando responds:

out of every single questionable thing in this toon, you ask that?

I actually dont know what shes wearing. lol

well i like watching adventure time but from my opinion is retarded just how it is you dont have to add more :)

I like some parts, but I think you don't really know Adventure Time, so you couldn't make a decent parody...

sweetcommando responds:

you have no idea how much adventure time i watch. its just hard to make fun of a silly show since its already... well... silly.

No please, its okay. You don't have to bring any more of that. I'm all topped off.

Seriously though. Animation was good but the jokes and voice work were absolute shit. Overall I think you have a decent future as an animator but just stay the hell away from Adventure Time.

sweetcommando responds:

point taken

Haha Finn is such a thug in this XD
The animation is pretty good, but it could use just a little smoothing out.
Perhaps the use of more frames throughout would help a bit.
Anyway, I enjoyed this, and you definitely have potential to make some amazing animations.
Keep up the good work!