Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

I love Adventure Time, but this just doesn't cut it. One type of video I love is a random, one liner filled animation. This just didn't get me to laugh, let alone smile.

Great animation, and you've got what it takes. (Way more than myself.)

Not for me.

sweetcommando responds:

You and I share the same views

Great animation. Fans of Adventure Time will especially get a kick out of it, but even as a stand alone animation for someone who hasn't seen Adventure Time, it is very funny. Great originality and just enough random to keep it funny. All in all great job.

sweetcommando responds:

Oh finally a quality review!

dafuq did i just watch
Anyways good video :)

This is awesome you are like equal to ONENG in my opinion you should do a dbz then bleach one just for the hell for it i wish i could put 10 stars for this cuz is worth that much i guess 5 will do really loved it

The first person to actually get cancer from something so bad

sweetcommando responds:

dont forget spiderman