Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

it makes a lot of fun, thx.

AWESOME! One word to describe this game. I played it for 2 hours straight, and that's a LONG time for me. :D LOVE IT.

Between the leveling, variety of spells, variety of enemies, and a host of others, this was a great game that kept me playing for hours. With the endless gauntlet you can unlock at the end, and the number of great achievements as well, I haven't seen anything I don't like. Honestly I would pay money for a game this good (not much given the short time to beat it, 2-3 hrs compared to 20-30 hrs for console and comp games, but maybe around 3-4 dollars would be fair). Might I suggest figuring out how to lengthen it? Do that and you would have an awesome indie here!

Very great game. It kept me loving it all the way.

Awesome game! hours of gameplay guaranteed to unlock all medals and level everything to max, 3 thumbs up!