Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

I thought it was a good game overall. some thing that I didn't like was the leveling. the game wouldn't let you play if you had any extra skill points from a level, so it killed the flow of the game,.

I played this and then i played the second part.not much of a difference but definitely prefer this one.

cant play so no stars

Well to answer the last guys complaints, when you reset your skill points you have to press space during the match to pull up your skill tree where you can pause the game and assign your spells. You can also change spells between cooldowns too. As far as the game itself, it was okay. Even leveled up the gameplay doesn't change a whole lot. There needs to be some more auto turrets, like the Gargoyle to avoid constantly having to aim at every enemy. Overall a good game though.

I reseted my talent points and rearranged them, now I have no spells equipped. And I did upgrade my spells in the process.
The game however is quite short and I don't like that the game pauses when you level up. You should also be able to pause with Esc and access the skill tree.