Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

this game is quite entertaining its really not the repetitive either, i cant really even find anything to complain about that's why i think this game deserves a 4/5 i'm on the edge about giving it a 5 but i think its barily not there.

As someone mentioned, this is not a true Tower Defense game, however, it's certainly the best strategical shooter I have ever come across. And boy is it ever challenging. Well done !!

Although you're TECHNICALLY defending a tower, this is NOT a Tower Defence game. TD's are generally about protecting a path using towers, not protecting a tower using a character. This would be more in the In-Line Shooter genre.

That, along with rather poor graphics, clunky controls and an in-game shop that just screams for you to use real money makes this one of the worst games published in the TD section of NG... ever!

my ice blast spell does not seem to be working when i target it near my tower....
this then results in me being unable to get past the 2nd level...

There's this annoying bug when you earn the 500 free golds for liking the swartag's fb page, the game crash and i have to refresh the page everytime!

it also poops up the fb page when you click on the "x" button