Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Really repetitive... But it was kinda fun.

I was expecting to have some gore.. (like HTF style) lol

Evil-Dog responds:

dogs and bullies exploding to shit not gore enough for you? :)

Good mechanics, once I figured them out, but far, far too long. I was fully upgraded near the beginning of the third zone, and my patience was beginning to wear thin when I started picking up only 3% progress per child. The levels become excruciatingly long towards the end, and there's absolutely no reason why we need 45 of them. The upgrade system felt unbalanced, as some of the perks were much more useful/necessary than others, which limited my options in terms of mixing things up. By a certain point, it just stopped being fun.

It looks pretty at least.

Evil-Dog responds:

At least

Good game, finished the whole thing, got all perfect on every level, but im not sure why i cant unlock the Legendary Terror achievement, am i missing something? :(
Overall, quite repetitive but challenging at the same time. Kinda like the perk system too and the extra hearts and stamina option, since theres nothing else to spend on.
Good work though.

Honestly, not my kind of game so I didn't play all the way through it.

The artwork is amazing. The game handles beautifully. I've studied programming and I don't know where you guys find the patience to put so much detial into your games.

All in all worth a five.