Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

I love how theirs a kid dressed like one of the Military Guys from road of the dead :P

Not a bad game. I finished it, but it took a few days. It's just too repetitive to play through in one day. The goal is always the same. I would have liked to have been issued different challenges. And only the last boss was really a boss. The other two were boring in comparison. The game idea itself was golden, but the execution was lazy to say the least. Overall, not bad but could have been much better.

Evil-Dog responds:

It wasn't lazy, we had a month to make a game and we made that, pretty good, isn't it, what do you expect buddy

Firstly let me say the game play is insanely repetitive just starting the game off, you can jump back and forth to attack them, and juggle them in the air. The only thing besides that is a way to stun them, which knocks them forward so it defeats the purpose as is. Immediately after a perk is found, it should be unlocked, I do not want to take the time to not only unlock it, but also obtain x amount of candy to get it. Everyone here has told you the same thing, the game is the same thing too, repetitive. There's no real significant part of that.

The loading time it took this game to start up was ridiculous. I'm not sure if that's due to it being flash, or you've miss coded something causing the game to take so long to initially launch.

I gave you such a low star, not because of the game. In fact this game probably could get about 3.5 stars, but your attitude towards your audience is that of a child. I will not take someone responding to another person with "that's a breath of fresh air next to a bunch of rambling idiots". Now these people that critic your work, may not all be able to create a good strong piece of criticism. They're after a good game, obviously this was not that good game they where looking for, but you have no right to talk about those that support you in an immature manner. Your game, even without your awful attitude towards people, is barely bearable for a short period of time. You did not make the best piece in the world, and you're certainly no better then anyone who's commented on it.

Good parts of the game: the design of the main creature you're playing as, the music, the background images, the many different perks.

Bad parts about game: repetition, unusable perks immediately, useless perks, constant grinding, person speaking on behalf of game. Next time don't be such a jerk to your critics and you wouldn't have to deal with one more low star.

Evil-Dog responds:

Fuck off, next time give me zero star.
There's two types of reviewers, people who can write a review and offer criticism in a polite and well written manner, who respect our hard work and understand what it takes to make games and then there's the other idiots who put in the fucking attitude with their review. You're obviously the latter, going even further and giving a review score based on my personality haha
I'll continue being a jerk and you'll just fuck off, how's that.


In the loading though, the pumpkin did not fill itself

Evil-Dog responds: