Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

A very enjoyable game, and the graphics are great. As quite a few people have said though, it is very repetitive, both in the gameplay and the sound samples (did both sexes need the exact same lines?). By the time you had a loadout of perks that suit you the whole thing becomes a major grind for no real reward. I've seen a few comments about the ending and final boss that make me want to complete it but it's only through sheer bloody-mindedness that I haven't given up on area 3 yet so I reckon it could have done with being a fair bit shorter.

that ending.. lmao. love it
i managed to somehow bug my pumpkin on mother fight. I restarted the level just as mother broke my pumpkin and got an invincible pumpkin with zero life. A green pumpkin to be specific.

Its a bit too grindy and repetitive i agree. But its a good game if you want to complete in alot of days. 5 stars :D

This was Awesome, anyone can say this is ...
Graphics were Great, animations as well, but i think it gets easily boring..
For it is a little Hard .

pretty good game

Not too bad, but it could be better. The graphics are top notch, just like in RotD and LotD, but the gameplay short of the boss levels is repetitive, and the enemies are, as well, with the exception of the final boss.

Also, I have to note that I managed to get Perfect (100% grade candies) in every level, and still it didn't give me the Legendary Terror achievement for some reason. You may want to look into that.