Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

This game is hilarious. It can be challenging at times, but once you get the hang of it, it gets pretty easy. Multiple dogs looking to rip your face off isn't easy, however :-/

This game is freaking awesome! I love everything Evil-Dog and SickDeathFiend have done but this might just be my favorite. Great job!

Its cool, but kind of gets boring after about five levels. Well that is for me. But its greatly done.

Every time I hit a kid, I hear Richie whining like a bitch. It's glorious!

Also top marks because you're you. It's a viable reason, trust me.

This game is so close to being perfect!

So many good things to say. The controls are fluids and feel very natural. I love the upgrades, voice actors, animations, script, art, etc. The music is perfect, too! I mean, so much love was obviously put into this thing. I really appreciate being able to play something like this.

It's so easy to point out flaws, but let me give a little extra space for the good stuff because I tend to be really detailed in my critique. Awesome. Great job, guys. Please know that I really enjoyed this game while I played it. To each and every team member, thank you for giving me such an enjoyable thematic experience.


Okay, now onto things I didn't enjoy as much (relatively few):

* Upgrades. Except for a select few combinations, game play was slow, especially in later levels. Most upgrades were interesting in theory, but the majority of combinations were underpowered. For example, I found myself practically requiring candy magnet, improved speed and the mask in later levels. With only three equipment slots, that left me with little variety in play.

* Lack of (entertaining) variety. The introduction of bullies, the vast number of candies required to beat a level, the slow game pace and the relative uselessness of the hiding mechanic made other play styles far less entertaining. Maybe overlapping upgrade stats (ex: an upgrade that boosts more than one stat) would have made different combinations more useful?

((I can tell you guys put a lot of effort into the different NPC responses and whatnot - there's a ton of subtleties I'm not mentioning - and those make things better, but those only add value to what's already good about the game. Unfortunately, the less entertaining bits of a game always stand out in their own right.))

* Some mechanics underutilized in design. Once again, the game plays slowly, and due to the nature of kids always moving from right to left, and the later introduction of bullies (which can smash pumpkins), the game's design begs you to play the game quickly.

((Granted, I was going for perfect scores in levels, only because it was so easy to do up to a certain point that I became used to it. Perhaps this is a flaw in how I was playing. This makes hiding behind bushes not-very-useful. I kind of wish more was done with the concept.))

I really think that's it. This game could use one or all of the following:

* Put additional effort into where the focus was expanded - more useful upgrades, better use for hiding mechanics, some variety in play/game design to better utilize additional features

* More mechanics - trick or treating for real, vandalism, other stuff, I don't know, adding new mechanics could make things either way more fun or way less fun.

* Narrow and hone in focus - limit upgrades to a select few more useful ones, focus on other aspects of play, maybe focus on things such as timing, combos, or other things that can be made fun once the focus has been narrowed, eliminate unused mechanics, etc.

Overall, though, excellent experience. I hope this game or concept is worked on more in the future. Unfortunately, I got to the third zone and bored'd myself out of the game. Surprisingly, though, I feel as though a little additional effort would bring this game from a B+/A (on my personal scale, however valuable that is) to "I can't believe this is free! A++++ would play again!".

Thanks again! Keep on making awesome games!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the in depth and respectful review, that's a breath of fresh air next to a bunch of rambling idiots. I will say this, a game is as good as it's worst flaw, it's a saying in game design and it's very true. We were on a tight deadline to deliver the best game we could and I totally agree with most your points. We're planning a non holiday sequel to this game which will be a bigger, fuller more varied game. A full platformer with a lot more meat. This was a mere little halloween game, the best we could do in the limited time we had. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.