Reviews for "exposure"

I really like this game. The perspective of camera is interesting, graphics are simple but the game still looks nice and although you are practically just collecting orbes and solving mini puzzles it sucks you in with it's mysteriousness.

The concept of light and shadow with sun's interaction with your items is great. The only thing the game lacks is story. People tells you a lot, but not enough to decide which side you will support. But maybe it is intended to be like that. After all, it could ruin the player's experience as a stranger.

Really cool with the use of perspective- I had no idea what I was doing. Though after the first play through I realize after 10 seconds of sunlight destroys my item- looking back on it, I was too busy trying to read what everyone was saying to even notice. Love the style, the play on light and shadow- I don't get the story but whatever- LOOKS GREAT!

the first dark orb is near the point you start. just go further away from the golem and you will find it behind some ruins.

use the water to grow all the trees, give the guy at the trees the flower and you get another dark orb.

the last dark orb is near the golem in front of a dark tent.

use six black/white orbs and only one of the opposite, and the golem will disappear into the sand. you need all seven orbs of the same color to make him join one of the two sides. you can also activate the golem with only one orb, but that shuts him down.

Liked the game, and the inclusion of multiple endings! Made for a nice wind down after work.

~SPOILER - response to Strakha~

Strakha, either the game has been updated since 3 days ago or there was only one of each of the SOL and NYX orbs on that tablet to begin with, and the green one in the center - because that's how it is now.. While it might look like there should be a green orb, I think we can understand that to mean "Go" or "Start" rather than a literal green orb, considering the way that you fill out the three on each side as you go along and the final one is in the center that activates the golem, which is what the green dot would represent.

This game is set in a unique persective - 3rd person camera facing forwards, and the principle movement is forwards and backwards, and it works well for its originality. Even though the graphics are very simple, it gives a sense of being in the world.

There are a few different endings to unlock, but it would appear that the game wasn't fully finished - (SPOILER: if you walk backwards from the start and to the right you find a stone tablet which shows the golem with 3 sol orbs on the left side, 3 nyx orbs on the right, and a green orb in the middle. While you can configure like that with the sol and nyx orbs there is no way to get a green orb - at least I would assume that to be the case because the game informs me I've got all endings. The mixed blessing ending happens whatever mixture of orbs you insert, so there would be no point in that stone tablet showing that specific configuration.)

I would like to give it a higher rating, but it's just too short, and as mentioned most likely contains an omission of content from what was originally intended, which would have made this game slightly more than simply retrieving and placing items. It would be great to see the concept expanded in a sequel that is longer and more involving - it has the makings of a good game, and stands on its own fairly well.