Reviews for "exposure"

Very good, a worthy ludumdare game. A bit slow, but thats not really a big deal. Nice how there's three different endings in such a short game, and the little 'secrets' are a nice addition to make the game a bit harder, more fun and somehow make the game a bit bigger.

However, I suspect a bug: when you leave the NYX orbs in the sun to purify them, I don't think the medal for purifying is awarded

I do like the 2.5D feel. The controls are fine and the graphics are okay. Darn good for a Ludum Dare. Of course I was pretty annoyed to find that I may have to earn two or three of the achievements twice, I don't want to play through the game THAT many times. It is interesting how none of the ends really appear to be the "good ending"; the war can't end well for everyone.

I love the mix of 3D and 2D elements. The game has a unique look and feel, which gives it a lot of bonus points.
The only thing I didn't like about it was that all the endings were very predictable, but I guess there are only so many things that could happen.
I didn't stop playing until I got all the medals. Great game.

Its pretty good. I like the heat mechanic you've got, and the controls are fine. I think the walking speed is also just right. I wish there was a bit more to the story, or at least have one of the endings be surprising.

great idea and its realization!