Reviews for "exposure"

really cool game! very well done! awesome concept too!!!! good work! hopefully a sequel someday!!!!

Interesting concept! I loove the 3d apsect to it! :D

Even in regular platformer 2D this game would be awesome, but this new outlook on the world makes it all the more amazing. I'm thinking of the potential this type of game design could have a remake on old games like Doom, it'd be pretty cool to strafe forward and shoot enemies in the distance... or Serious Sam, where it really was like that even though you could move freely. Anyway, as for this game, I love the graphics, the movement, and the creative plot where you interact and discover. Great game!


Hey man! Truly a little masterpiece.
Simple, yet fully playable and enjoyable.
A story easy to understand, yet thoughtful.
Really nice graphics, and the possibility to explore several endings.
I'm astonished by your excellent skills!

Man, these graphics are so creative and entertaining to play and watch.
I like the strange atmosphere this game gives off as well, along with the music.
Very strange, but definitely in a good way.
After playing this, and Endeavor, I am quickly becoming a fan of your style.
I'll be on the look out for your next project.
Keep up the excellent work!