Reviews for "exposure"

I thought this was pretty good. The atmosphere was great, the endings are fun to discover, and the graphical style is pretty unique. The only problems that I had was that It was too easy and the camera seemed too zoomed out.

Very well done. I like the graphics, it's a kind of perspective you just don't see very often. The mechanics were simple enough and yet intriguing. The controls were explained right there. The setting is maybe a little sparse, but it's evocative. Even the achievements/medals seem interesting. The only thing that bothered me was that you ended up spending a lot of time walking everywhere, it got tiring after a while. What if the character walked faster, except when you're carrying an item? Just a thought. Anyway, great job!

Zillix responds:

thanks for the feedback! I quite like the idea of speeding up the movement a bit... I'll give that some thought

This is cool! a 3d pixel game!

Nice game! Not very difficult.

nice game! :D