Reviews for "exposure"

Great game! 2 things you may consider:
Slightly higher movement speed (x1.2-1.4)
Bug Fix with losing treekeeper's shadow orb

Otherwise, Great job! After THIS and Endeavor, I'm really looking forward to your next game.

I love the game's style and how it works! one of my favorite games i've seen on newgrounds!

Amazing i love the 3d in it :)

This was a truly unique game. I really liked the music. I thought it wouldn't be that good because I'm normally not that good at these kinds of games. It really did give you a nice open space to explore. At the same time, it wasn't a game that just went on forever. You had a good understanding of your surroundings. I liked the graphics too.

I liked how well you showed the perspective in this. I had a feeling I couldn't go beyond the statue. It was a bit hard to tell exactly how to pick things up, but I got better with it. I like how you leave footprints. This is really an original concept.

Great game! But I found a glitch. After watering the trees, and taking the flower to the treekeeper, if you run by his girlfriend again (the person next to where you pick the flower up), and she talks to you, she will interrupt his speech and he won't give you the shadow orb.

Still a really cool game concept and neat play though :)