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Reviews for "Samsara Room"

Call me strange, but I loved it. Great work man. This escape game was far different the regular ones that you find out there, and I have to say the music went along with each room perfectly. Keep up the good work!

OMG this game is sooo awesome, ya it was kinda creepy (specially the ending which i didnt get it, after all the game has no story lol).

anyways the soundtracks were great and the game was challenging (though i didnt face much troubles with the puzzles) and it was simple and you just have to understand what you should do because once u understand the strategy of the game then it becomes simple since it is kinda repetitive ( search for something, understand the challenges from the phone, search for few things, put them together and then transform and repeat the same process)

all in all in it one of the best room escape games i have ever played but i really wished if there were medal :(

trippy :P after reading some of the comments, i have to concur. this was a pretty cool way to describe this process. from worm to bird, we saw all lives. in a room ;)

insta 5/5 and fav
loved it~~~~

this game does actually make sense . it's an allegory of the samsara the cycle of reincarnation. the human , the fish , the gecko, the bird, all these are stages of the protagonists existence. stages where he thrives for something to be found, only to return to a former stage of existence.

Although most of us would perceive the samsara as a blessing, it is in a sense like a prison that you can't escape. The highest form of enlightment ( hinted to, on various occasions in the game) is therefore the abandoning of this cycle. It might be just coincidence but I like the detailed symbolism in this game, the 8 which ressembles infinity is finally broken and the protagonist can leave the samsara.

well done author