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Reviews for "Samsara Room"

trippy :P after reading some of the comments, i have to concur. this was a pretty cool way to describe this process. from worm to bird, we saw all lives. in a room ;)

I'm normally not one for Escape games, but this one held my interest until the very end. The puzzles were simple, yet at the same time you've made me think on how to implement the items one has to pick up in the surroundings.

Based on what I saw at the end, I am going to take a guess and say that the fat man that fell out of the clock was really the person you play as throughout the game, and it is their own soul trying to escape not the room, but the confines of the mortal plain.

Regardless of whether I'm right or wrong on that assumption, this was a very great game, and I look forward to whatever else you have in store.

Awesome game but maybe not the best thing for me too be playing at midnight.

This is the only point and click, whom I could handle with no cheats whatsoever. Should I be worried?

beautiful game and music..finally finished it with a little help from a walkthrough after a couple of months.