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Reviews for "Samsara Room"

Pleasantly creepy and surreal!

Nice artistically and symbolically done. After a while it gets monotonous and not very entertaining (the iter is always the same and the enigmas are not challenging at all), but it's not easy to bring some fresh air into such an exploited genre. Good work! Might use some more musical presence though, and the clock's hands are quite difficult to move, many times you want to move the minutes one, and instead the hours one goes, so that you have to do it again from scratch. Oh, my Flash Player crashed at some point so that I had to reload, I was more than happy to see the game does save your state.

I really like this game! It's not that simple and you have to do really cool things to move on. Also, I like the different perspectives of the animals, it's a really cool idea. The graphics aren't bad, they are as good as they need to be.