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Reviews for "Samsara Room"

I think I got the meaning of the ending, samsara refers to the hindu cycle of reincarnation. To escape it and reach enlightenment, one must reach what's called moshka which is basically stripping yourself of your ego. The different forms you take on represent the different lives one must go through to reach moshka, and the end is you finally achieving enlightenment.


It's like... The fat dead body is you. Your whole life, you're more or less confined to a schedule, to appointments, meetings... Time. Waiting for your hour to come. Maybe this game is a metaphor for the search for enlightenment most people strive for, possibly even after death in a strange realm. you spend the game trying to find out the time. When you're gonna die, a question that bugs most people. The different rooms that you travel to, all being different perspective, never really seeing the whole picture in any of the rooms. The music changes from dramatic and solemn to a little bit calmer and happier.

This could be like... you experience life. Everyone does. In their own personal way. or just the different walks or phases of life and emotions people go through, all piecing together to the same end, death. But then there's more, ANOTHER room. a room, like, outside all the other rooms. When you're looking at the box, and then it shatters.. you come to a certain understanding, like there IS NO BOX and that the box is this box we put around ourselves, in what we call ourselves or imagine ourselves to be, like the bird, or lizard, or worm. That's enlightenment. the box lifting. no more barriers. EVERYTHING. aware.

pretty baked. great game man original and loved it hope for more

Woah, nice game dude..

Very nice game! But i felt that the ending was very weird... anyway its a weird game. Just great!

First it's 6:20, then it's 8:25