Reviews for "Shattered Heaven Ep. 1"

It's very ambitious and I like the amount of world building that's being done. One thing dragging it down though is that you desperately need to adjust the audio levels to be consistent.

Also, the noses on the female characters are a bit off. I see what you're trying to do, but that kind of 80's style needs a lot bolder shading and lines in the right places to work. Basically what indicates the tip of the nose is too bold and makes it appear strange. If you want to improve that you could study how noses look in real life and in anime as well. For example, the anime movie Patlabor 2 has some good realistic ones.

Great, compelling story, given great animation and art design, makes this awesome.

the beginning really killed the animation! nothing interesting happens just pictures flowing around 1 minute just hearing someone and looking at pictures isn't really good for the viewer! take that in mind in the next animation! I can't say that the characters looked bad because it's better than the previous ones and the fact that your still developing your self ! the ads movements were really funny! the hair movement when they were in the window like your trying develop wind blow!! just focus on getting a better stroke and everything will be fine the stroke at the end is better than the whole animation stroke quality ! also maybe you could change the background quality into blur in some areas because that will help focus on more at the characters ! just like the one at the end! and good luck with your animation!

Well damn... i'm really glad you made it on the front page otherwise i would have missed this.
Being massively into mecha thought i would give this a try and i wasn't disappointed.
So i have to ask being a massive fan of the xin series... are we gonna be seeing more of xin and hanto or was that kind of an easter egg. xD

AdamTilford responds:

They were an Easter egg, but their voice actors however, will be making future appearances ;).

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm so grateful that this was featured on the front page.

like imbehindyou says. how DARE you have a video with mechs and introduce it with an interesting story to give a point and meaning to the mindless blood shed, explosions equal to a michael bay film, and animated breasts bigger than the head of the hulk. (Complete joke) anyways i like the story pace and theme. also i would like to wish you luck on your novel.