Reviews for "Shattered Heaven Ep. 1"

Pretty sick fight animations, I deducted 1/2 star because:

1) The Intro was fucking cheesy as hell, the narrator's accent was unbearable for some reason, it sounded fake or something. Had to skip past the intro.

2) The script in general was really boring.

3) Animations of people talking need serious improvement.

Especially if you're gonna make dialog and storyline a key component of your animation, you gotta work on 2 and 3. Otherwise, cool shit, cheers.

The animation is not very good but I'm not going to hold that against you or this flash like some others. Everyone has their own current skill level and I'm sure you're going to improve greatly if you keep at it. There are plenty of interesting and exciting flashes with animation that is on par or worse than this flash.

However, this flash is neither interesting or exciting.

Some of it has to do with the animation, it's very lifeless at some places and there's some very bad timing in others. But, like I said, I trust that you will improve on that in time.

It mostly has to do with the fact that even though this is an "intro" episode, it has too much exposition which really drags it down. I feel like too many characters have been introduced and you try to characterize each one of them too soon.

It also leaves me wondering how many episodes you plan for this series. If it's on the shorter side I would have recommended cutting out a few of the characters. Nonetheless, many of these characters should have been saved for later. Some could have been introduced briefly and then characterized later, even in flashback to explain what they were doing in episode 1. There could have been a few short scenes introducing the side characters and show a little of how they relate to the story / main character but it was just way over done in this episode.

Inspired by Big O?

look at the ending what do u think it looks like i give a hint it begins with G and ends with UNDAM SEED PRETTY OBVIOUS

I thought it was pretty damn great. Can't wait for some real fights. My only real issue is the audio. It ranged from soft to blaring. If you can normalize it before you put it all together, it should sound more consistent. Keep up the good work.