Reviews for "The Weight"

I've been on the otherside a lot in life. When you fight and fight and fight (add many more "fight"s you want in this), it gets super terrible because well, I had been there when a friend wasn't present. I feel blessed to be out of those dark times and exponentially blessed to see friends there in those dark times when you can give a call.

Never be afraid to make it and never refuse it.

One of the most touching animations I've seen in a while. Great job.

pretty good.

This really hit home for me in a lot of ways and that did help tremendously with the empathy. Just trust me, You did capture how even the best of friends can completely miss the biggest signs of your spiraling depression at a crucial point in your life. It is very sad, but how many people will see this and not make the mistake of missing that call. There is nothing worse than that pit in your stomach when that call goes unanswered, and I know the aftermath is devastating to the one who went right back to sleep. You certainly have my vote on this one buddy. Great work on this video.

great animation and story... i teared up when it started :}